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    Bryan Scott

    I use lefthand sidebar and no sidebar on all pages, but any auto-generated pages always default to righthand sidebar and will not change. My only solution currently is to remove large chunks of code making the theme no longer updateable.
    How can I stop right sidebar existing? I hate it and want it to burn.

    Bryan Scott

    *Specifically, the blog archive page does not change sidebar.
    Have changed via Customise->Theme Options->Blog-General (and everywhere else I can find to change to no sidebar)


    Hi Bryan Scott

    Thanks for contacting us. Don’t worry we are here you to help you.

    Please share your site page url where you want to display the no sidebar on the pages so we can help you better.


    Bryan Scott

    Hi, thank-you for the prompt reply!!

    I have found the problem to be my caching plugin as soon as I disabled it everything went as it should have..
    Not your fault at all! (although I do still dislike right-hand sidebar😅)

    note: putting back the code I removed also worked after I found out the cache plugin was the cause.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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