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Thanks for the reply.
What you suggested did not work the right way.

After activating ConsultStreet Pro, it changed the colors pink and some font types, but none of the content came over from the Beauty Spa Salon child theme.

It shows the exact same front page layout, slider pictures, text paragraphs as the ConsultStreet Pro template theme. (For example it’s got business men running around, instead of beautiful women relaxing in the spa getting a treatment.)

I need every content over to ConsultStreet Pro from my Beauty Spa Salon child theme exactly the way it is. Front page layout, text paragraphs, thumbnail pictures, slider pictures, etc…

I also tried a brand new wordpress install, after which I installed ConsultStreet Pro, exactly as it was directed. Then I installed Beauty Spa Salon child theme. In the middle of installing it, it told me it is requiring (the free) ConsultStreet 1.8.2 as a parent theme for it to work, and then it went ahead installing that one too.

When I activate the free ConsultStreet theme or the Beauty Spa Salon theme, both use the free theme not the pro.

When I activate ConsultStreet Pro, it switches colors and fonts over to that of Beauty Spa Salon, but does not bring pictures, articles, layouts over.

Also, if start manually bringing over all content to ConsultStreet Pro, and setting everything to make it look exactly the same as Beauty Spa Salon by hand, that would take a long time to do.

And I’m afraid once I later upgrade to newer version of the Pro theme, it will overwrite the current pro theme and all content will be gone that I manually set up.

What should I do?