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Carsten Andersen

I don’t know how to safely send a screenshot, so I have sent it as a picture attached to an email to the following address: themearile@gmail.com, and with reference to the topic we are discussing here.

As you will see – after inserting the suggested code in template-parts >> site-header.php file – the Site Top Header, the Groovy Mega Menu and the WP Menu are now displayed in the right order.

BUT … as you can also see the Groovy Mega Menu is still also displayed at the top of the screen, and inbetween this menu and the Site Top Header there is a grey “bar” without any content, except a “<” at the very left.

I want to remove the Groovy Menu Bar + the grey “bar” from the top of the screen so I only have the following bars in this order from top>down:

1 Site Top Header (the one with dark blue background)

2. Groovy Mega Menu (the one with green background)

3. WP Menu (the one with light blue background)

Hope you can help

br Carsten